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Understanding the U.S. National Debt

About Debt

There are many people working towards lowering their debt and improving their credit ratings. They are turning to debt consolidation companies for assistance in getting their financial life back in order. A debt consolidation company is a great way to gain control over your finances and work towards being debt free. There may be some challenges when you are working on becoming debt free and improving your credit. However, the feeling you will get once you have financial freedom will be well worth the few challenges that may present themselves while you are on your journey to building a strong financial foundation. The recent increase in the customers of debt consolidation companies could come from many things. It may be because of the concern of your financial future or the uncertainty of how you are going to pay off all of the debt you have accumulated. No matter the reason you choose debt consolidation, you should be certain that you will be able to achieve your financial goals with debt consolidation.

The National Debt Affects You

While you have been searching for more information on debt and finances, you may have come across a lot of articles referring to the U.S. National Debt. The U.S. National Debt is the amount of outstanding debt incurred by the Federal Government. The U.S. National Debt can be divided into two sections. The first half of the U.S. National Debt is the amount of money that is owed to corporations, foreign governments and individuals. The second half of the U.S. National Debt is what the federal government owes to itself. The majority of the second half of the U.S. National Debt is owed to Social Security and many other trust funds. The U.S. National Debt has increased due to the U.S. economy having a history of being stable and strong. Therefore, many didn’t see a reason not to lend the U.S. money because they assumed they would be paid back. However, when the U.S. economy began to experience an economic crisis, it was no longer able to meet its financial obligation. This caused the U.S. National Debt to increase drastically. Another reason for the increase in the U.S. National Debt is the value of the dollar. When the U.S. is attempting to pay back their debt to foreign creditors, they face the problem of the dollar being worth less than that of the currency used by their foreign creditors. Therefore, the U.S. ends up paying double or even triple than what they owe in American dollars.

This increase in the U.S. National Debt has a huge impact on Social Security.

When the baby boomers begin to retire, they will be looking to the Social Security fund to receive the money they contributed during their time in the workforce. These funds are limited because of the government’s inability to produce the funds due to their being in debt. You can do your part by paying your creditors the money you owe to them so that they can in turn pay their creditors. Debt is a cycle that affects everyone involved. If everyone steps up to the plate and meets their end of the financial agreement they made with their creditors, the U.S. National Debt can slowly decrease.

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